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Ministry of Transport Sarawak (MOTS)

[+] 1. What are the health and safety measures imposed on bus services?
[+] 2. What are the terms and conditions imposed on the bus and licensed van?
[+] 3. What are the terms and conditions imposed on taxi and e-hailing passengers?
[+] 4. What about taxi and e-hailing drivers?
[+] 5. Are there any other conditions for passengers of bus, licensed van, taxi and e-hailing services?
[+] 6. Will the land public transport terminal operate as usual?
[+] 7. What are the health and safety measures implemented at the terminal?
[+] 8. Do bus operators provide masks for the bus journey?
[+] 9. Will the bus be carrying full capacity?
[+] 10. Is there any change in the bus fare during CMCO?
[+] 11. Can passengers bring live birds, animals or pets into the bus?
[+] 12. Are the cabin of the bus and its seats and ancillary facilities (overhead compartment, air conditional filters) cleaned with approved disinfectant aft
[+] 13. Can food be consumed during the journey?
[+] 14. Are logistics activities allowed during the Conditional Movement Control Order?
[+] 15. Do logistics and transportation companies still need to apply for a letter of approval from MITI to operate?
[+] 16. Can a logistics company deliver goods to a location that is not authorized to operate?
[+] 17. Will MOT issue information regarding the types of freight allowed to truck and logistics operators during the duration of this Conditional Movement Co
[+] 18. What is the status of e-fulfillment hubs / warehousing operations during this Conditional Movement Control Order?
[+] 19. What conditions do logistics companies need to adhere to in order to operate under this Conditional Movement Control Order?
[+] 20. Who is allowed to enter the terminal?
[+] 21. Are forwarding agent and shipping agents operating at the port operating during this period?
[+] 22. Is cross-country cargo movement via mainland Malaysia (import, export and transhipment) allowed during this period?
[+] 23. Is there a ban on the movement of freight vehicles on the road?
[+] 24. Is the shipping service still allowed during this Conditional Movement Control Order?
[+] 25. Can I use a private vehicle to deliver goods during the CMCO period?
[+] 26. Are the vehicles delivering the goods allowed to operate at all times during this Conditional Movement Control Order?
[+] 27. Does the MOT set any conditions for health screening before the company / individual shippers are allowed to operate during the CMCO?
[+] 28. Can the Government provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant solution to all boat operators?
[+] 29. When can passenger boats operate full passenger capacity as before MCO?
[+] 30. Can we carry one or two passengers more than 50% load capacity if it is the last trip and passengers need to travel on emergency eg. Need hospitalizat