Posted on 14 Nov 2022
Source of News: The Dayak Daily
MIRI, Nov 14: The Ministry of Transport Sarawak (MOTS) has begun the process to formulate Miri Urban Transport Action Plan, which expected to commence very soon once the appointment of a consultant is finalised.

This was disclosed by its minister Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin today during the opening of the Transport Awareness Behavioural Change (ABC) programme in Miri.

"This plan outlines development strategies, policy direction, legislation, implementation framework, programmes and projects to ensure an efficient urban transportation system for Miri City," Lee pointed out.

He added, through this plan, MOTS aims to undertake transport planning for Miri using a more holistic approach, taking into consideration the urban economy, environmental sustainability, stakeholders' requirements and the direction of Sarawak's overall development.

"At the same time, we will be looking into the modernisation of the bus fleet in Miri through some injection from the government. My ministry is still developing the right business model to be implemented in Miri," Lee disclosed.

On today's programme which was attended by 200 participants from federal and State agencies, community leaders as well as education institution representatives, councillors and teachers, Lee said, the programme aimed to drive road safety awareness and road users' behavioural change in a comprehensive way, and at the same time encourage the usage of public transport.

"Through the ABC programme, we aim to change the way people behave on the road, and change the unwanted behaviours that contribute towards traffic congestion, inappropriate parking, dangerous acts, risky driving, road bullying and many more," he told those present.

Lee said, through this ABC Programme, his ministry's first undertaking is to create awareness among road users on the importance of good behaviour on the road, in order to create safe roads for everyone and to ease traffic congestion.

Earlier, Miri Mayor Adam Yii Siew Sang who is also Pujut assemblyman said that Miri City Council (MCC) is fully aware of the congestion issues concerning roads in the vicinity of the city centre.

"We are fully aware of the issues, and of course, pick up and drop offs of school children often cause congestion in these areas," he said.

"We cannot put the blame totally on parents, teachers or students for the congestion. Although some part of it caused by some irresponsible people parking irresponsibly, sometime double or triple parking, which choke the road," Yii explained.

He gave assurance that MCC will continue to beef up efforts to tackle traffic congestion in the city.

"Nevertheless, everyone must play their part in addressing and solving the problems," he pointed out.

Also present were Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Transport Sarawak Dato Ir Alice Jawan Empaling, Miri Resident Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusuf and Cr Jeffery Phang.

The Dayak Daily

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