Posted on 15 Dec 2022
Source of News: The Borneo Post

KUCHING (Dec 15): Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) expresses relief that the work on the roundabouts along Kuching-Samarahan Expressway has been sped up.

MPKS chairman Dato Peter Minos in a statement yesterday said the contractor appointed by the Public Works Department (JKR) has been trying its best to do the repair works at this time of the year before it is made worse by another rainy season.

He pointed out that the contractor has until November next year to complete the traffic light projects on the three roundabouts – one at the Samarahan roundabout and another two at the Kuching­ side.

“Of course there are some inconveniences to the road users. I live in Kota Samarahan and I know how it has been but I have to be patient and bear the inconveniences.

“I, like others, want the traffic light projects at the roundabouts to be completed soon, if possible before November 2023,” said Minos in the statement.

He explained that in getting a project done, there are bound to be inconveniences and little problems here and there which are simply inevitable.

“For MPKS, it is happy that JKR and its contractor have been speeding up work, with all necessary manpower and machinery. We have gone through the jams all these years and we can bear it for another year, so long as the project is done and completed eventually by November next year,” he said.

Minos was responding to a statement made by Democratic Action Party (DAP) national socialist youth chief Dr Kelvin Yii regarding multiple complaints on the traffic jam caused by the road repair works along the Kuching-Kota Samarahan Expressway.

Yii, who is Bandar Kuch­ing MP, had said the traffic jam was made worse due to road repair works being carried out even during peak hours and not during off-hours which would have reduced congestion.

Yii also said he had made multiple official reports to the authorities through Talikhidmat and called the traffic police to help with the traffic flow.

Minos said that DAP should have met and discussed matters on the project with JKR Sarawak, rather than making it a public issue and agitating them.

“Tell me of a project that DAP does for the public, if any, that is inconvenience-free? When not doing anything, it is very easy to complain, over suggest, and over critical,” he lamented.

“It is better that DAP goes and talks with JKR Sarawak and its contractor and not make a public issue of the project if DAP has got good ideas. There is no use making the public agitated as we cannot get things done that way,” he stressed.

With Sarawak Metro to start its Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) project in Kota Samarahan, he noted MPKS will assist as needed but urges for DAP not to create obstacles and problems.

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