Posted on 29 Dec 2022
Source of News: The Borneo Post

SIBU (Dec 29): Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) deputy chairman Wong Ching Yong, was shell shocked upon answering nature’s call at Sibu Airport’s toilet recently.

He was dismayed at the unhygienic condition of the public toilet facility, in addition to the wet and slippery floor.

Wong described the condition as unacceptable.

“Yesterday morning, I was scheduled for the 9.40am flight to Kuala Lumpur and after checking in; I went to the male toilet located on the ground floor. I was shocked by the unhygienic condition of the toilet and the floor was wet and slippery.

“There were three other toilet stalls but two were occupied. The remaining stall was in disrepair. I was completely taken aback,” lamented Wong.

Before boarding, he also went to the male toilet in the departure hall, where he was met with another unpleasant surprise.

“There were three urine basins but one was out of order. Male passengers had to queue up,” he said in expressing dissatisfaction over the toilet facilities at the airport.

Wong further learned that other passengers then commented that it has not been repaired for weeks.

“The floor was also watery and wet, and the air smelled like urine,” he said.

Passengers also complained that almost all the time, toilet papers were not provided, added Wong.

“Describing the toilet conditions at Sibu Airport as unsatisfactory is an understatement. It is totally unacceptable,” he said.

In this regard, he calls on Malaysia Airport Bhd to ensure the upkeep of the toilets for the convenience of travellers.

He pointed out that this was all the more important now that Sibu Airport caters for international flights from Singapore.

“Malaysia Airport Bhd which manages the Sibu Airport should improve level of cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the toilets in Sibu Airport Airport immediately.

“We now have international passengers arriving from Singapore. Don’t let the unhygienic condition of the toilets in Sibu Airport become a laughing stock of international passengers,” he said.

For the record, attempts are being made to contact Sibu Airport authority concerning the matter.

The Borneo Post

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