Posted on 29 Dec 2022
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MIRI (Dec 29): The Miri Sentral Bus Terminal project along Miri Bypass Road costing RM26 million is expected to be completed by August next year despite being about five per cent behind schedule, said Miri mayor Adam Yii.

According to him, the project construction period is 18 months and it is currently 50 per cent completed.

“We have set up a monitoring committee to ensure that the project runs smoothly and this committee has meeting every month to update on the project.

“If there is a delay, we will be informed and actions will be taken to expedite the project so that it can be completed within schedule (18 months),” he said when visiting the project site today.

Accompanying him were deputy mayor Julaihi Mohamad, a representative of the contractor and local councillors.

Yii, who is also Pujut assemblyman, said the bus terminal is very important as it will serve as a new transportation hub for Miri City.

“This project is very important as it will enhance the public transportation service in Miri and provide a much comfortable facility to members of the public here,” he said.

Once completed, he said it will strategically connect Miri with Brunei, Limbang, Lawas and Sabah as well as the central and southern regions, from Bintulu to Pontianak in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The new bus terminal will have 12 ticket selling premises, 10 shop units, 21 bus platforms, two cafes, 12 taxi bays, waiting areas as well as toilets.

Touching on the present bus terminal in Pujut Corner, Yii said there were plans by Miri City Council (MCC) to convert the facility into a wholesale market.

“We have planned to convert the bus terminal in Pujut Corner into a wholesale market but this will only be done once the Miri Sentral Bus Terminal project is completed and in operation,” he said.

Yii pointed out that the location of the present bus terminal was not strategic because it is close to housing areas, and also has narrow access roads that cause safety concerns, apart from being inconvenient for heavy vehicles to enter and exit the terminal.

“The congestion at the present bus terminal is also an issue especially during peak hours,” he said.

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