Posted on 06 Jan 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post
KUCHING (Jan 6): A temporary alternative route for road users from Samarahan to Jalan Stutong-BDC is now open in an effort to ease traffic congestion along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

Noting that it is only a temporary measure, Kuching South mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng explained the road cuts through a private development area where the contractor has agreed to open the route to assist.

“Of course, the contractor also agreed to place all the safety measures including lighting and the reflective (road markers),” he told reporters after witnessing the opening of the alternative route this morning.

Wee said although traffic flow along the alternative route will cause some inconvenience to Tabuan Jaya Baru 2 residents, it is merely a temporary measure until traffic flow in the area eases.

He called on road users to lodge their complaints regarding traffic flow via proper channels and not just to complain through social media.

“I’ve just had a discussion with Sarawak deputy police commissioner Datuk Mancha Ata, and we’ve identified a few (traffic) bottlenecks in certain areas. So, we will be studying on this.

“For this, we need everyone’s cooperation. If you have some complaints, if you see delays in the traffic lights, or it is too fast, let us know through proper channels. Don’t simply go to Facebook (and complain).

“Having identified these areas, we will later on request to increase our MBKS traffic warden personnel. I think the Samarahan side is coming up with some also, so this is one way of improvement,” he said.

Also present was Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) chairman Datuk Peter Minos.

The Public Works Department (JKR) is currently implementing a traffic light project along the Kota Samarahan Expressway but the project has caused massive traffic congestion in the area of late.


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