Posted on 01 Feb 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post


MIRI (Feb 1): Errors in the online vehicle pass applications to enter Sarawak from Brunei caused long queues for fresh manual submission at the CIQ entry points recently, said Minister of Transport Dato Sri Lee Kim.

Public complaints in Facebook by Bruneian visitors raised the poser of the long line of people lining up for vehicle pass at CIQ Sg Tujuh recently, with some questioning the rationale of manual applications on the Malaysian side compared to Brunei’s seamless system using QR code from the approved online application.

Lee said he was informed by the Customs Department at Sungai Tujuh CIQ that this was due to many people erroneously filling their application forms and had to re-apply due to their own mistake.

“Mostly, it is chassis number and engine number and sometimes, they (applicants) even put their nickname in the form,” he said.

The minister said the authorities here were looking forward make it hassle-free entry for visitors as the authorities could even scan the QR code on their smartphone for applications approved online.

One irate traveller caught in the congestion named ‘Brunei human chain Q at CIQ’ railed against the long wait and the hassle of having to submit forms manually to the Customs officers, saying it was a waste of time when it has to be printed out.

Meanwhile, Miri MP Chew Choon Man, who is also Angkatan Muda Keadilan Sarawak chief,  said they were taking note of the issue, adding there were always long queues at the checkpoint between Brunei and Malaysia.

His office has also received feedback from the public calling for a more up-to-date system using current technology such as QR code in order to expedite and make our administrative process more efficient.

“We will study and compare the process of entering other countries and make recommendations to the Immigration office,” he said when contacted today.

Brunei Customs Department has in place its Vehicle Exit And Entry System (EES), which is an online service for anyone to drive into and out of Brune,  and its  QR code system, through EES Pass, will be scanned to cut the waiting time.

The Chinese New Year festive holidays last weekend saw kilometres of vehicles queuing up for hours at the border awaiting their turn  to be allowed entry or exit through Sg Tujuh ICQ and Merapok ICQ  in Lawas.

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