Posted on 03 Feb 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post


KUCHING, Feb 3: The Sarawak Ministry of Transport (MOTS) will prepare a proposal paper to revise the current weight restriction order and regulations regarding heavy vehicles on State roads.

Its deputy minister, Datuk Dr. Jerip Susil, said MOTS would submit the paper to the highest level of the Sarawak government and then to the Federal government.

According to Dr. Jerip, the heavy restriction order in Sarawak presents a challenge to logistics industry players related to heavy restrictions as well as the capacity of roads and bridges here.

"We cannot let the situation drag on because we know the Sarawak government is very aggresive in advancing our economic sectors, especially the oil and gas sector, shipbuilding, manufacturing, heavy industry, agriculture and mining.

"All these sectors will tirgger more heavy vehicle movement on our roads.

"Failure to resolve heavy sanctions will hinder the entire chain of economic activity, and may have serious implications for our aspirations to achieve higher economic growth by 2030," he said.

He said this at 'The Lab On Weight Restriction Order: Solution To Harmonise Operation Of Heavy Vehicles In Sarawak' session in Bintulu yesterday.

Dr. Jerip added that MOTS is responsible for informing the Federal government, especially the Ministry of Public Works, about the situation faced by industry players and request that the same weight be imposed on Sarawak.

"Experts told us that roads and bridges in Sarawak are designed according to the same standards and specifications as roads and bridges in Peninsular Malaysia.

"However, I understand that the weight allowed in Peninsular Malaysia is higher than that allowed in Sarawak. The same design standards must have the same conditions," he said.

He further explained that the laboratory held is important to resolve the issue of heavy vehicle weight restrictions on the roads in Sarawak and to facilitate the business sector and economic development here.

"We are all stakeholders in the issue of heavy sanctions, and if the issue is not resolved, each of us will face the consequences. As a consumer, it will affect the price of goods and ultimately, the cost of living."
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