Posted on 27 Apr 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post
KAPIT (April 27): The high cost of airfare for travel between West Malaysia and Sarawak makes it feel like the Peninsula is a distant foreign country, said Kapit Walikota Lating Minggang.

Besides, it has led to a frustrating situation as the high airfares are too much of a burden especially for regular travellers and students, he added.

“The high cost of the airfares between Sarawak and West Malaysia has always been one of the pertinent issues that crops up during every festive season.

“Thus, we are looking forward to Sarawak’s very own airline which would definitely be a ‘game-changer’ for Sarawakians who reside and work in West Malaysia.

“They will have an alternative with regard to the cost of the airline fares. Presently, many Sarawakian families have not been able to see each other due to the high cost of airfares.

“In recent months, I have experienced being subjected to high airfares for my family when booking return tickets for Kuala Lumpur-Sibu flights,” said Lating.

Commenting further on the proposed Sarawak’s own airline, he said it is also a social obligation to help the people to cushion the costly airfares during the festive periods besides adding value to the state in luring and securing more direct flights from neighbouring countries into the state, which translates into more tourists coming to the state.

“The direct connectivity by flight to the neighbouring countries could also become a catalyst for the state to transform itself towards achieving economic prosperity through a progressive and sustainable growth. It will also be an integral part of the tourism pull factor as it can attract more international tourists to bring in foreign exchange,” he added.

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