Posted on 21 Apr 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post

BAU (April 21): Tasik Biru assemblyman Dato Henry Harry Jinep says he will not interfere in the decision by Bau District Council (MDB) for vendors at the community market in Pekan Baru here to vacate the premises by the end of next month.

The state Deputy Transport Minister said while he is aware of the issue, he would leave it to Mas Gading MP Mordi Bimol from Democratic Action Party to help the vendors resolve the matter with MDB.

“I saw the viral news on social media, and those affected have met the MP. I prefer not to be involved because they have already met the MP. Therefore, I leave it to the MP.

“We have to do our work and responsibilities, so I do not think that I should interfere unless if you are an Opposition,” he said Thursday when asked to comment on the issue.

He stressed that the issue had nothing to do with him as the community market belongs to MDB.

“The council has its own councillors. We as assemblymen do not interfere with what the council is doing. We are not in their meeting, nor are we the councillor.

“Whatever decision they make will be for the best of the community. I cannot comment much,” he said.

News of the notice by MDB for the vendors to vacate the premises by the end of May 2023 went viral on social media not too long ago, with those affected accusing the council of being unjust and unfair towards them.

One netizen commented that her relatives, who have been selling coffee and other beverages at the market for the past 65 years, were told to vacate the premises by the council without being given an alternative site to trade.

It was also claimed that the community market, which has about 23 vendors, had been bought over by a private company.

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