The objectives of the Council shall be:-

To promote the safety of the public generally or of any section of the public and of members of the public, on the roads in the State of Sarawak and for this purpose to devise, carry out, make known, dissiminate, advocate, explain and advance principles and methods of securing or furthering the prevention of and protection against such accidents of all kinds.

To encourage all drivers of all types of vehicles, motor cyclists, cyclist, pedestrians and other road-users to exercise care and courtesy towards all users of roads with a view to the prevention of accidents or reduction of loss of life or injury to person or property.

To promote road safety teaching in schools.

To reward gallantry in the prevention of accidents.

To improve safety conditions by investigation and taking steps to obtain the removal of sources of danger

To prepare, print and publish in the Press or otherwise to collect accident statistics and circulate them and to display, in any manner that may be though fit:-

papers, pamphlets, notices and any publications of the Council or of other persons, being papers, pamphlets, notices or publications the contents of which are devoted exclusively to the giving of information upon, explaining or advocating principles or methode of receiving or furthering the prevention of or protection against accidents and the promotion of the safety of the public or any section thereof, and any model, apparatus, device or other things designed for the purpose of illustrating such principal or methods or the use of which is calculated to prevent or protect against accidents or otherwise to promote safety of the public or any section thereof.

To undertake educational work and propaganda for the purpose of instructing the public in the best methods of avoiding accidents and persuading the public to adopt such methods wherever practicable and as part of such educational work and propaganda to organise and hold exhibitions and make and display or arrange for the making and display of such films to schools, colleges and other institutions on such terms as to subscriptions or otherwise as may be thought fit.

To establish, form and maintain a library and collection of models, designs, drawings, p hotographs, and other articles of interest likely to assist students of the development and improvement of methods and devices for the securing of road safety generally, and in particular the development and improvement from the point of view of safety of all types of vehicles.

To collect and recieve grants, endowments, donations and legacies from individuals or organisations or from any other source for the promotion of the objects of the Council,

To donate, disburse or expend sums of money in any manner approved by the council.

To hold or invest and deal with moneys of the Council, not immediately required, upon such securities, and in such manner as from time to time may be determined by the Council.

To secure the practical and financial help and support of the public, the Government and the Local Authorities to achieve the objects of the Council.

To recommend legislation to the appropriate authority and tender advice.

To co-operate with similar organisations in the other States of the Federation of Malaysia and Overseas.


The President of the Council shall be the Minister for the time being charged with responsibility for Communications and Works, who shall preside at every meeting of the Council.

Provided that in the absence of the President at meeting, any member shall be elected from amongst the members present to preside.


The council shall be consist of a Chairman who shall be the Minister for the time being charged with the responsibility for Communications and Works, a Vice-chairman who shall be the Assistant Minister and not less than 10 members appointed by the said Minister, including the following:-

Members:- Permenant Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Works
                  Permenant Secretary, Ministry of Local Government
                  Commissioner of Police
                  Federal Secretary
                  Director of Public Works
                  Director of Lands and Surveys
                  Director of Education
                  President, Automobile Association of Sarawak
                  Land Transport Officer
                  Director of Information

Provided that a member may, whenever circumstances prevent his attendance at a meeting, send a representative to attend the meeting; and

Provided further that the Council may coopt other persons to the Council.

There shall be an Executive Committee appointed by the Minister for time being charged with responsibility for Communications and Works which shall

(i)Take such action as may be necessary to promote the objects of the Council and to bring to the notice of Council matters relevant to its
    objects for direction and decision as appropriate.

(ii) Ensure that such directions and decisions are carried out, and

iii) Incur such expenditure as may be approved by the Council in connection with these matters.
The Executive Committee shall consist of eight members.
The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall be the Land Transport Officer.
The Secretary of the Council shall be the Secretary of the Executive Committee.
The Treasurer shall collect, account for and keep proper records of all funds of the Council in the manner provided for in these Rules.
A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be held at least once in two months and any time as the Chairman may from time to time decide.
The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be four.


The Executive Committee shall have power to establish a Sub- Committee in every Division of the State of Sarawak. Such Sub- Committee shall be known as Divisional Executive Committee and it shall be governed by by-laws to be drawn up by the Council.


The annual general meeting shall be the first quarterly meeting in the year.

The Annual Report of the activities of the Council and the Statement of Accounts for the preceding year, duly audited, shall also be presented at this meeting.

The Council shall appoint one or more persons not directly connected with the Council to be Hon. Auditors at this meeting.