1. To improve the efficiency and management of the existing transport network in the State;

To Provide a wide range of high quality transport options including BRT, Automated Rapid Transit, better quality river transport, cycle and pedestrianization;

To reduce car dependency through promoting, informing and providing inducement to travel alternative and enhancing proximity to employment and services; and

To ensure a resiliance, sustainable and eco-friendly transport system in the face of uncertain future energy challenge.


The scope of Public Transport covers three (3) main areas namely;

a. Logistic and Land Transport;

b. Maritime and Riverine Transport; and

c. Aviation or Air Transport


  1.To identify issues and to propose solutions to issues on Public Transport in the State;
 2.To provide feedback and recommended spatial distribution of land use for Public Transport to the relevant authorities including SPA, Land
    and Survey Department and Local Authorities;
3.To give comments and endorse any proposed Public Transport projects submitted by both State and Federal Agencies;

4.To examine and recommend an equitable fare structure for Public Transport Service; 

5.To formulate policies on Public Transport Services which are reliable, comfortable, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly to enhance the
   environment, including townscape and safety; 

6.To provide comments on any major Public Transport proposal to be implemented in the State; 

7.To act as venue for agencies to discuss and resolve Inter-Agency overlapping function or dispute on Public Transport;

8.To engage with Federal Transport Agencies on matters affecting Public Transport Services in the State including policies and standard of
   performance of industry's operators; 

9.To provide strategic advice to MOTS on the planning and implementation of Public Transport Services in the State; 

10.To engage with experts to review existing laws which are detrimental to or hampering the development of Public Transport in the State; 

11.To identify and delibrate on potential sources of revenue from the Transport Sector to the State Government; 

12.To provide feedback on human capital development in the Transport Sector in the State; 

13.To promote and ensure ubiquitous application of IoT or latest digital technology in the development of Public Transport in the State; 

14.To make sure emphasis is given to the development of Public Transport through the provision of adequate funding by the Government; 

15.To propose new Business Model to promote provision of high quality Public Transport services in the State; 

16.To establish Public Transport Research Centre in the State; 

17.To organize Seminar/Conference/Workshop to promote reliable, safe, affordable and clean Public Transport in the State; 

18.To set up the relevant Sub-Committee to plan and execute the various activities to promote the usage of Public Transport in the State; 

19.To propose incentives to encourage the public to use Public Transport in the State; 

20.To provide feedback to the Study Committee both Technical and Steering in the formulation of the State Integrated Transport Master
     Plan Study, 2020 - 2030; 

21.To propose strategies to develop Transport Industry and its contribution to the State'economy; 

22.To recommend strategies on how the Transport Industry especially the logistic industry could support or act as enabler to the
     development of other Sector of the economy particularly the Agriculture Sector; 

23.To include addtional functions as and when directed by higher authority from time to time. 


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