SRB Functions


SRB Functions


The functions of the Board as stipulated in  Sarawak Rivers Ordinance, 1993 and Sarawak Rivers  (Amendment) Ordinance, 1997 are: -


To plan and make recommendations to the Government for the development  and improvement of the riverine transport system wholly within the State;

To control and regulate traffic by water in ports and harbours or on rivers and in the foreshores within the limits of  Sarawak;

To take all lawful, necessary and reasonable  practicable  measures to keep the river or port clean and free from filth, rubbish or refuse; 

To take all  appropriate  measures to  prevent or reduce the rate of erosion of the banks of  rivers and for the protection and restoration thereof;

To examine, study and determine the utility and practicability of improving the navigability of all   rivers as against the encroachment of debris and other refuse from industrial factories operating along the rivers;

To provide buoys, moorings and lights including other aids to navigation to regulate, and for the safety of, reverine traffic; 

To provide  facilities such as wharves, jetties or other passenger  landing terminals, and the  maintenance thereof;

To prevent the obstruction of any river or  watercourse;

To make recommendations for the safety of vessels plying in the river and the prevention of collisions;

To operate and maintain any barrage or shiplock and to control and regulate the passage of vessels through such barrage or shiplock;

To manage and maintain any wharf, jetty or passenger landing terminal, on behalf of the  Government, or any other person, body corporate or authority, upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the Board and the owner of such wharf, jetty or passenger landing terminal; and

To carry out such other duties as the Majlis  Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN) may  require. 


Menurut perwartaan The Sarawak Government Gazzette Part II Vol. LXXIV (Swk. L.N. 484), bertarikh 1 November 2019, fungsi-fungsi berkanun LSS telah ditambah seperti berikut :-

Pursuant to the Ministers of the State Government (Assignment of Portfolios) Order, 2019 (SWK.L.N.484) dated 1st November 2019, additional SRB's statutory functions as follows:-


(a) Peraturan dan keselamatan trafik pesisir dan sungai;

     Regulations and safety for riverine and coastal traffic;

(b) Pembangunan dan pengurusan sistem pengangkutan sungai Negeri;

     Development and management of State riverine transport system;

(c) Pengerukan di sungai dan survei hidrografi;

     Dredging in rivers and hydrographic surveys;

(d) Pengangkutan termasuk keselamatan pelayaran untuk "specified water bodies";

     Transportation including safety over specified water bodies;

(e) Penyediaan kemudahan awam untuk pengangkutan pesisir dan sungai;

     Provision of public facilities for riverine and coastal transportation;

(f) Waf dan jeti; dan

    Wharves and jetties; and

(g) Pengurusan dan pengawalan untuk kawasan pesisir.

     Management and protection for foreshores.

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