Lights & Buoys Board


Lights & Buoys Board


“Terms of Reference” of Lembaga Boya dan Api Sarawak


(i) The Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1960 ( Lighthouse, Buoys and Beacons ) ( Section 243 ).

In this part “buoy” and “beacon” include all other marks and signs of the sea, and “lighthouse” includes lightships and all floating and other lights, and any other aids to navigation established for guide of ships.

(ii) The Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1960 ( Section 277 )

The Governor in council, may make regulation generally for carring this ordinance into effect, and, in particular, such regulation may provide for

(h) the establishment of buoys and lights fund and administration thereof

(iii) The Merchant Shipping (Buoys and Lights) Regulation  1961 ( make under section 277),

(6)       Subject to paragraph (7) The Board shall apply the fund for the following purposes;

            a.         The construction, maintenance or improvement of any buoy, beacon or lighthouse or for any purpose ancillary thereto or
                        connected therewith including hydrographic survey and the preparation of the charts and other similar aids to navigation;

            b.         invest in some investment or investments approved by Financial Secretary;

            c.         paying remuneration, travelling expenses and allowances of member of the Board; and

            d.        providing grant and other form financial assistance to any educational institution in Sarawak      
                       approved  by Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri, which provide courses for the training of seamen or  
                       related to the promotion or enhancement of the safety of maritime traffic in Sarawak

(7)       The Board shall prepare annual estimates of revenue and expenditure and shall submit the same for the approval of Governor in Council not later than 1st day of December in each year; the Board shall not, without the prior approval of Financial Secretary, pay any monies out of the Fund for any matter in respect of which provision has not been approved by the Governor in Council.


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