The Ministry of Transport, Sarawak (MOTS) was established on 22nd  August 2019 and is one of the twelve (12) State Ministries. The establishment of MOTS was gazetted in the Sarawak Government Gazette Vol. LXXIV dated 19th September 2019, No. 72 and on 1st November 2019, No. 83.
One of the core functions of the Ministry of Transport as stipulated under Sarawak Government Gazette Notification, vol. LXXVII dated 21st  January 2022 is to look into urban traffic management.

In order to implement or execute the function accorded to the Ministry, it is imperative and timely for the establishment of the Sarawak Urban Traffic Management Committee (SUTMAC).

Currently, the functions of urban traffic management fall under the jurisdiction of the Local Authorities and Public Works Department, which have different priorities and agendas. The formation of this Committee is relevant as it will bring about the key stakeholders together to address urban traffic problems in Sarawak.

The establishment of the State Urban Traffic Management Committee (SUTMAC) was approved by Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN) in its meeting held on 25th August 2022. 

The Divisional Urban Traffic Management Committee (DUTMAC) will also be established at the Divisional level to be chaired by the Resident.


The objective of SUTMAC is to provide a platform to manage urban traffic issues and coordinate the initiatives, programmes and projects to resolve the issues.

The scope of the SUTMAC covers areas focusing on the land transport and logistics sector across major urban areas in Sarawak.


1) Review existing laws and regulations on urban traffic;

2) Propose policies and strategies for urban traffic management;

3) Plan, implement and monitor safety and security in urban roads and streets;

4) Coordinate the planning and implementation of Industrial Revolution 4.0 through the application of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), such as Smart Traffic Lights, Traffic Command Center and autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies;

5) Review charges for urban traffic management including parking fees and bicycle registration fees;

6) Plan and develop non-motorised facilities including bicycle lanes, covered walkways and cycling tracks;

7) Provide input on urban traffic planning including widening of footpaths to relevant approving authorities;

8) Assist in human resource planning required to regulate and ensure smooth flow of urban traffic;

9) Coordinate the planning and implementation of programmes and projects on urban traffic under the 5-year Development Plan;

10) Assist to reduce carbon footprint by encouraging the use of green vehicle technology in urban areas;

11) Promote the usage of public transport to address urban traffic congestion and climate change;

12) To collaborate with relevant agencies and stakeholders in organising conferences and workshops on urban traffic management;

13) To collaborate with relevant agencies to ensure compliance on road safety and traffic flow during road construction in urban areas; and

14) To engage with Federal authorities on the planning and development of urban traffic management.

1. Sarawak State Secretary;
2. State Financial Secretary;
3. State Attorney General;
4. Director, Economic Planning Unit Sarawak;
5. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Sarawak;
6. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Urban Development;
7. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, Housing and Local Government;
8. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development Sarawak;
9. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Utilities and Telecommunication Sarawak;
10. Director, Public Works Department Sarawak;
11. Director, Land and Survey Department Sarawak;
12. General Manager, Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA);
13. Ketua Jabatan Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik Sarawak, Polis Diraja Malaysia, Sarawak;
14. Director, Road Transport Department (JPJ) Sarawak, Malaysia;
15. All Residents (Chairman of DUTMAC)
16. Director, Kuching North City Hall (DBKU);
17. City Secretary, Kuching City South Council;
18. City Secretary, Miri City Council;
19. Secretary, Samarahan Municipal Council;
20. Secretary, Sibu Municipal Council;
21. Secretary, Padawan Municipal Council; and
22. General Manager, Bintulu Development Authority

The number of Committee Members can be added or otherwise from time to time based on needs and relevancy.


The meeting will be held biannual or (2) times a year but additional meetings will be convened by written notification from YB Chairman to deliberate on very urgent matters or issues.

The Secretariat for the Sarawak Urban Traffic Management Committee is the Land Transport and Logistics Division, Ministry of Transport, Sarawak.
All documents are kept in the Ministry of Transport, Sarawak.
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